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If you’re new to The Diary of the 17th Man – Welcome!

What is it?

The Diary of the 17th Man is the blog of the mythical last man picked in the Australia’s national  Cricket Team. Sure, he only just made it into the squad, but what counts is, he’s in it – while having no expectations of actually getting a game.  Although, to the shock of everyone concerned, he did make his debut in India after half the team was suspended over HomeWorkGate.

The 17th Man brings an insider’s perspective to his readers that is not available any other way. From dressing room insights, to the real deal on sponsor’s lunches, failed travel plans, crazed hangers-on and player foibles – you’ll read it all here, set against the backdrop of the tours that matter.

Get started!

Here are some suggestions for getting started:

  • The Squad – get to know the 17th Man’s team-mates here.
  • The Tour of India 2013 – start here to read the diary entries from the tour.
  • Ashes in England 2013 – start here
  • Adhes in Australia 2013/14 – start here.
  • Australia in South Africa 2014 – start here
  • The Little Tours 2014 here
  • Love Twitter? Check out The Best of Twitter here
  • Like to listen? Check out the podcast here.
  • Read about the authors here.
  • Sign up to the mailing list here

We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Dave and Jeremy

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